About BES&T  

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision 

To be the most valuable commissioning company in the world.

Our Mission

  • To create and deliver the best and safest commissioning technology and services

  • To supply the right technology to every segment of every project

  • To supply leaders that are friendly, educated, and well-trained 

  • To continuously innovate technology to advance the efforts of our clients

  • To reduce the cost of commissioning through efficiency

  • To always supply our knowledge, leading-edge technology, and people at the lowest total cost

BES&T Creates Value for Our Customers on Every Project

"Value is created when a firm creates a competitive advantage for its buyer,

lowers cost or raises its buyer’s performance."   

— Michael Porter, Competitive Advantage

We Create Competitive Advantage for Our Clients

We know that BES&T and its people are at their finest when they create value that our clients cannot get from anyone else. We provide leading-edge technology, global commissioning services, engineering expertise, intellectual capital, and integrate these capabilities for each client to provide them with a quantifiable competitive advantage. 

Our Commitment


  • ​BES&T promises to provide the right, proven and strategic resources necessary to transition every project from a construction environment to an operating plant on every project we service worldwide.

  • If the resources and technology are not available to complete the work correctly, BES&T will invent it.


  • We will present the total economic value to the project demonstrating that the use of advanced BES&T technologies will lower the cost to the project.


  • Our goal will always be to apply the most appropriate technology, tools, and people to every project.

  • We dedicate our efforts to lowering project costs and risk, improving schedule time while maintaining a quality level not achievable by any other means.

Michael P. Boyle
CEO and Founder

Michael is the driving force that empowers the success of our process innovation. He directs the people and scientific discipline throughout the company all the way to the customer, ensuring delivery of exceptional, cutting-edge technical services.

Judah Hiat, P.E.
Senior Vice President Engineering

Judah is a Licensed Professional Engineer and is considered to be among the most advanced commissioning engineers in the energy construction industry to date. Prior to joining BES&T, Judah was a client and worked for EPC companies. He is credited with the Patent for the Automatic BackFlush Filter and has pending Patents for SigmaBlow 4.0.

Michael McCarthy
Executive Vice President Business Development

Michael is the global head of sales and business development. He is a world-class engineer, utilizing his experience and skillset to anticipate client needs and to provide knowledgable client service. Michael is also fluent in Japanese.

Christopher J. Bloch
Technical Director

Chris Bloch is a pioneer in the field, the inventor of the Silent Steam Blow as well as the inventor of the SigmaBlow. Chris is a metallurgical engineer and is credited with starting the independent commissioning contractor ecosphere.

Kimberly M. Boyle
Chief Operating Officer

Kimberly is the company's Director of Global Operations. Kim's systems for driving client value through outstanding project support, clear core values and by hiring and training uniquely qualified individuals place BES&T Services at the forefront of the industry. Kimberly is also fluent in Spanish.

Randolph Williams, P.E.
Vice President, Process Engineering

Randy is a chemical engineer with robust experience in all aspects of commissioning and start-up in the mining, petro- chemical, and power industries. His focus is on successful project delivery by developing experience-informed solutions to the dynamic challenges encountered in the commissioning service industry.

Boyle Energy Services & Technology, Inc.

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Boyle Energy Services & Technology, Inc. (BES&T) is a global leader in providing engineering expertise, specialized equipment, and field service manpower to commission or transition large scale energy construction projects from a post-construction state to a functional operating plant for the most prestigious international engineering and construction companies.
BES&T is fluent in English, Korean, Spanish,
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